Holiday Spirit Week: Door Decorations


Sarah Wisniewski, Editor

The holiday spirit is in full effect at Hawthorne High School! This year a new committee has been added to HHS and is known as the School Climate, Culture, and Wellness Committee, which aims to make the high school even more friendly and inviting for students and staff. They are at the forefront of a new tradition for the Bears: Holiday Spirit Week, which has included a creative new addition to the hallways.

To further the spirit of the holidays and add more holiday cheer, teachers have decorated their classroom doors with all types of creative themes and even some puns. The scenes on the doors range from classic movies, to winter scenes, and even interactive photo ops.

Winter wonderland seems to be a popular theme. It can be seen on many doors that include snowflakes, snowmen, and even math problems as Ms. Fadden has incorporated into her winter scene. 

Some teachers such as Ms. Gerdes and Mr. Crimmel have even included lights to their doorway displays! A certain Charlie Brown themed door also includes lights to bring to life the scenes on them.

Ms. Clifford has brought the Game of Thrones spirit to the HHS hallways as her door reads, “Winter is Coming.” Other themes seen around school include the Disney movie Frozen, a warm fireplace, The Night Before Christmas, and joy around the world.

Teachers are not required to decorate their doors and it is not a competition. Principal Mr. Cunningham explains, “It was just a way to promote the newly minted Holiday Spirit Week, but there has been an amazing response, so I think for next year we can open it up to voting.” The effort put into the decorations are out of pure love for the holidays and dedication to making the hallways more beautiful.

Teachers and students together have made the new tradition a success at Hawthorne High School and it is wonderful to see Holiday Spirit Week embraced by the Bears. Make sure to check out all the decorations before break and don’t be shy to compliment your teachers on their great work!