Scenes From the Art Show: Volume One

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Scenes From the Art Show: Volume One

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On May 17, 2019 the Hawthorne High School annual art show featured all of the talented art students artwork. Aidan Hallquist, is a senior who takes Studio Art Honors here at Hawthorne High School. The Clarion got the chance to ask him some questions about his artwork!


CLARION: What is your favorite piece of art that you have done?

AIDAN HALLQUIST: The first one because it started it all and got me into the mindset of surrealism (picture featured above).


CLARION: What is your theme?

AIDAN HALLQUIST: Surrealistic based inspired by Dali.


CLARION: What is the style?

AIDAN HALLQUIST: The style is dark and confusing.


CLARION: How long did your pieces take to complete?

AIDAN HALLQUIST: Hahaha! Basically all year!


CLARION: Where did you get your inspiration?

AIDAN HALLQUIST: Honestly, everything I come up with just comes out of my head. I wouldn’t even know where to start thinking about that.

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