Scenes From the Art Show: Volume Three

Scenes From the Art Show: Volume Three

Kaitlyn Maskal, Staff Writer

Meet Jacquelyn Hampson, a senior at Hawthorne High School. Take a look at her art.


Clarion: How long did these pieces of art take to make?

Jacquelyn: Different kinds of art take different amount of times. Some have ranged from one to two days and others have ranged from one to two months. It all depends on my vision and how in depth I go into the art.


Clarion: What do these mean to you?

Jacquelyn: In the past my art had been based around realism. This year I had picked a theme, my theme this year had been distortion. I really enjoyed being able to take something that someone else did and make it my own.


Clarion: How did you create this, what materials did you use?

Jacquelyn: For a few of them I used pen. Others I had used pencil. For the one that had taken the longest, I had used acrylic paint with all different vibrant colors.


Clarion: Where did your inspiration come from?

Jacquelyn: My inspiration had come from other people in my class, including Janbi.  I had also looked on Pinterest. When I would look around, things came to mind. Then after seeing pictures and paintings, I would be able to do to them.