Youth In Education Night


Vanessa Tousignant, Editor

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, sixteen Hawthorne High School sophomores, juniors and seniors were designated positions as members of the Hawthorne Board of Education for the annual “Youth in Education Night.”

Each student held an important role, as some of those students shadowed administrators at Hawthorne High School, while others were bused to the Board of Education building to be with their counterparts, such as the Superintendent, Board President, and Business Administrator.

Later that day, the students and their partners reconvened at Hawthorne High School to be served dinner by the lunch ladies before going to the Board of Education meeting. While at the meeting, the students fulfilled their duties by taking roll call, discussing matters within the school, and even presenting 5 deserving district teachers Governor’s Educator of the Year Awards.

The meeting was a great success with a large turnout. The “Youth in Education Night” is always a great night, as it is designed to help students truly understand what goes on, not only in the school, but at the Board of Education as well.


Superintendent…Vanessa Tousignant

Director of Education…Esma Senman

Business Administrator… Brian Reilly

HHS Principal… Jacquelyn Hampson

HHS Assistant VP… Sydney Bavaro

HHS Assistant VP.. Chiara Zambon

Director of Guidance… Alyssa Jackler

Director of Special Programs… Maria Angeles-Molinelli

Board of Education President…Kyleigh Rica

Board of Education Vice President… Alexsandra Clavijo



Aubrey Lewis

Ava Tower

Adriana Ramos

Ella Perini

Jean Walsh

Heather Scott

Hava Senman