Hawthorne Press: A Farewell

Anthony Bertollo, Staff Writer

For over a century, the quiet town of Hawthorne, New Jersey has been going through the motions like any other suburban American town, with a unique family feeling that gives you that daily dose of comfort and a warm feeling. However, numerous residents of Hawthorne say the quiet atmosphere is boring and that nothing ever happens here. Nonetheless, one newspaper was dedicated to finding the inside scoop of our small town and bringing a little spark of joy every time it arrived in the mailbox: The Hawthorne Press.

Every Thursday, The Hawthorne Press kept the residents of Hawthorne up to date on the latest news/politics taking place in our town, while even giving a shout out to athletes here at Hawthorne High School as well as who made Honor Roll/High Honor Roll. The Press wasn’t limited to just Hawthorne though, it covered stories in North Haledon, Haledon, and Prospect Park as well. At the helm of the production of this paper was Linda Missonellie.

However, on December 26, 2019, The Hawthorne Press announced its retirement in its latest issue. An article was written in said issue by Linda Missonellie herself. In it, she stated that with the world of digital newspapers, financial problems, etc., The Press cannot go on any longer. “Both on a financial and personal level, this newspaper cannot sustain another year,” Missonellie wrote, “Rather than stop somewhere in 2020, it makes sense to close the doors now.” The article goes on to state how The Press hasn’t been profiting for years and that interesting news around this area is scarce nowadays. 

When mentioning switching The Press to a digital newspaper,  Missonellie stated, “As for going digital, that is an option we have resisted. In our opinion, digital newspapers are an abject failure.” As for not giving an advance notice before the final edition was published, Missonellie  says that there was simply no way The Press could transition into winding down to their final paper. 

As a new decade begins, we leave behind one of the most iconic staples of Hawthorne, New Jersey. Our small town will never be the same without The Hawthorne Press. Linda Missonellie concluded the article by stating, “I say good-bye knowing I have fulfilled my purpose in life and ready for new adventures.”