Remembering Rosa Parks: A Black History Hero


Lubanah Alayoubi and Melanie Bilbao

Today, February 4, we commemorate a prominent figure in black history who stood up for what she believed in. 

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was on her way home after a tiresome day at work. As she boarded her city bus and settled in a middle seat, a white man approached her and forced her to sit elsewhere. Normally, black people were allowed to sit in the middle region of the bus as long as no white person was sitting there. In Rosa’s case, there was no one sitting in that seat prior to her arrival. 

Aggravated, Rosa Parks refused to back down to white privilege and landed herself in jail. This was a turning point in history because her courage sparked outrage amongst the black community and forced a revolutionary change in racial segregation. She then became an activist and sought to end segregation by empowering the black movement.

Every year, we honor Rosa Parks for her selfless acts that ultimately promoted the outcome of black power!