Senior Paul Valentin: First Student For Space Force


Rufus T. Firefly, Staff Writer

The U.S. Government has gone through thousands of applicants and The Clarion is proud to announce that our very own HHS senior, Paul Valentin has been selected to be the first high school student to be named to President Trump’s honorable Space Force.

In December 2019, President Trump’s dream of a Space Force came true, when the US Congress authorized its creation.

According to the very reliable, the US Space Force is “is a military branch that prepares for or conducts space warfare.”

“I guess I applied for it,” said ecstatic senior Paul Valentin, “…I’m a big fan of science fiction, so…”

The announcement of Paul’s name for the Space Force came on this day, April 1st.

“We are hugely proud of Mr. Valentin,” said the President, during the announcement of names, “…he’s a beautiful kid, for a very beautiful assignment…to keep our universe safe.”

“I find this very desirable,” added Valentin, “…I cannot wait to get up into space and start protecting things.”