A Blessing in Disguise



Liliana Reilly, Staff Writer

Due to the horrific COVID-19 outbreak that has struck the nation and people all over the world, it becomes important to focus on some of the positives we have all experienced.  

For the past five weeks, students, teachers and families have been making the best out of learning and working from home.  Before these five weeks everyone was busy with going to school/work all day, and attending sports activities, etc.   Now everyone is busy with online school and then hanging out with family.  These past few weeks have given my family and I extra time to focus on the things we used to not be able to do together. 

Between siblings having sports at different times and in all different locations after school, it used to be hard to sit at the kitchen table and eat dinner all together as a family.  Now it is something we do every night!  

For so many people, it may be hard to think about life before quarantine, but when the last the time they sat with their families and watched a movie or played a board game?  Now it is something that people may do at least once a week.  This has to make us wonder, “Are we bringing back some of those  old family values? And will they stick”?  

As I have talked to family members and friends over the phone, I also got to hear about all of the fun things they are doing with their families, that they never got the chance to do before.  People are eating home cooked meals together rather than ordering out, and watching movies together rather than sitting in front of separate screens watching Netflix.  And now, families go on walks together and are doing fun outdoor activities in their own yards.  

There is no consolation for a single life loss that will ever  go unnoticed.  We send condolences to the families and loved ones whom have lost someone dear to them.  We all hope to become stronger from this horrific time. 

As sad as I am to say it, but is it it possible this is something society may have needed in order to make us realize what family values we were missing out on?