Voting During Covid-19: How to Vote For This Year’s Presidential Election

Kaylee Tanis, Staff Writer

With elections quickly approaching everyone is being urged to vote. This year has been full of craziness thus far, so of course our Presidential race would be just as crazy and hectic. Since Coronavirus hit, the way we do most stuff in public during our daily lives has been drastically changed. We can’t go anywhere public without having to social distance or wear a face mask so when everyone should be going to different polling locations to vote in a booth, they no longer can because of all the restrictions due to this virus.

So what is voting going to look like this year for everyone? The New Jersey Department of State has set a few different ways to vote this year. One of the ways people can vote is by mailing in their ballots. Anyone registered as a voter will have automatically received a ballot in the mail by now. That ballot can then be filled out and signed as you would normally do. Then all that’s left is to seal it and mail it back out.  Another way to send in a ballot is to drop it off at a secure ballot drop box or at a local board of elections office. There are also early voting polling places in action right now if you feel wary of mailing or actually going to your proper polling place on Election Day. Voting is a huge part of our country’s government as it determines who will be leading us, so if you can you should vote to help try and make sure the right person is picked to govern our country.