“Zombie House” Upset

Michael Jannicelli, Staff Writer

When driving down Lafayette Ave in October, there is one house that will spook you if driving by for the first time. That  house is what locals have lovingly dubbed the ¨Zombie House¨.  For the past 15 years the homeowner has filled his yard with over 100 decorations. According to the Daily Voice, the homeowner took down the decorations earlier this week on his own after complaints were made. The article also stated that police checked and found no issues warranting a reprimand.  Hawthorne Police stated, ¨At no time, did any police officer or borough employee order, or even suggest, removal of the display. We, and our families, have come to enjoy Mr. Rodriguez´s community contributions as much as the rest of you. Hopefully this clears up some confusion”. With 6 days left until Halloween, many were outraged for this is what they look forward to every year around the time of Halloween. One resident told WCBS, ¨I’m upset, I’m very upset.  I’m heartbroken. We love this and so does the town¨.  A group of people in about 30 cars gathered at a local shopping center on Monday night and drove past the house and honked their horns as a show of support of the decorations as seen in a video posted to social media.   

Update the Zombies have returned! As noted in The Record on October 28, the owner Mr. Rodriguez decided to put them back up. The “Zombie House” lives!