Snow, Snow Go Away


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Woman walking through the street covered in deept snow. The neighborhood road is totally covered in deep snow and cars are buried from a recent blizzard.

Jean Walsh, Staff Writer

It seems that every other day New Jersey is being hit with yet another snow storm. These storms are nothing to shake a stick at, as they never fail to deliver large amounts of snow. We are at the point now where there is nowhere for the new snow to go, because it’s always freezing and the old snow doesn’t melt.

From nighttime January 31 through February 2, areas of New Jersey, including Hawthorne, received 2 or more feet of snow. This was the largest winter storm in a long time, one that caused great challenges for days. Governor Phil Murphy declared a State of Emergency, where people were encouraged to stay off the roads and stay inside. In this time of the ongoing pandemic, many people thought that snow days were going to become nonexistent, however Hawthorne and the surrounding towns had February 1 off. The day off was greatly appreciated, as all of us had to deal with the massive amounts of snow.

With only about a month left of winter, the snow does not seem like it is going anywhere soon, as it is rare that we get a day where the temperature is above freezing. If you do not like snow, this has definitely not been the winter for you. At least New Jersey knows how to prepare for and deal with the snow, unlike other parts of the country that are not used to the winter weather.