E-Snack Pass!


Sierra Dibra, Editor

Whenever you get hungry throughout the school day, you can place an order on the new E-Snack Pass and a lunch aid will bring your snack to you classroom!

Using this revolutionary pass, any student in Hawthorne High School will be able to get their favorite snack from the cafeteria at any time of day, even after the lunch room is closed!

All you need to do is download the free app from the app store and you will have unlimited snacks as long as your account has cash in it. After logging into the app with your school provided identification, you can select any of the snacks on the menu at that time. 

The snacks on the menu can range from a Gatorade to a bag of chips to a Cosmic Brownie! Any snack you wish for, can be available. Just order them before other people get them before you!

When you order your snack, the command will be placed through into the kitchen in the cafeteria. From there, one of the lunch aides will prepare your order. Then, another aide will be sent to your classroom with your order.

Your snacks are guaranteed to arrive within fifteen minutes or less. If it does not arrive within that time frame, you will get your money back for the order.