Mr. Schell: Eyewear Model


Ava Iovino, Editor

The Hawthorne High School fashion program has excelled over the past few years and is a student favorite for an elective.

The class is so popular due to the one and only teacher, Mr. Schell. Many know Mr. Schell as a varsity coach across three sports (girl’s soccer, indoor track, and spring track), but many are unaware that he is the fashion teacher at the high school.

He teaches students in Fashion I and students more advanced in Fashion II. Students create sketches, watch fashion shows, and sew clothing within the course. The Clarion was curious about why Mr. Schell decided to teach fashion and how he has been able to elevate the class.  


The Clarion: What is your favorite class that you teach?

Mr. Schell: Fashion, of course. I am sure you can tell by my sense of style. I enjoy my Fashion II class because they are the surviving group of students from my Fashion I class. It tells me they may have liked my class and want to learn more about fashion.


The Clarion: What made you want to become a fashion teacher?

Mr. Schell: I decided to become a fashion teacher because of my past experience in the industry that I do not speak of. I will allow you to ask Mrs. Urbanski if you are that curious about it.


Mrs. Urbanski has been teaching electives related to business and finance at the high school for a year and a half now. Before teaching at Hawthorne High School, Mrs. Urbanski worked for an eyewear company called Marcolin in the business marketing sector.


The Clarion: Mr. Schell has referred us to you, so we wanted to know why Mr. Schell has decided to teach fashion at the high school.

Mrs. Urbanski: Mr. Schell and I go way back. Before working here, I worked for an eyewear company called Marcolin. I approached Mr. Schell when he was searching for a new pair of glasses at a store location in the city. I thought that he would represent our company well, so I offered him a spot on our team as a model for our growing eyewear company. He accepted my offer and traveled with us to photoshoots all around the world. He became the face of Marcolin for quite some time. I owe a lot to Mr. Schell because just as I introduced him to the fashion world, he introduced me to the teaching world, and I love it.


Now students of Mr. Schell will understand why his class is not one to go without taking. Mr. Schell uses his diverse experiences in the fashion industry to inspire and challenge his students. We all now know Mr. Schell as a coach, the fashion teacher, and now, as an ex-eyewear model for Mrs. Urbanski’s company.