Senior Year: A Thought


Ellen Metzler, Staff Writer

Senior year went faster than I could have ever imagined. I thought senior year was just something I had to go through just to get to my future: but I was wrong.

Growing up is a scary thing for many people and many of us seniors are leaving home for the very first time. We will be living on our own without our parents to wake us up in the morning or our siblings annoying us 24/7. Once we leave this building for the last time as students our real lives will begin.

Everything will change, hopefully for the better. We won’t know that until we get ourselves out there and make a name for ourselves. We need to learn who we want to become and who we don’t want to be. 

The senior prom will come and go. Graduation will arrive and that too will depart. The last few chances to make lasting memories with hometown friends before we take off and go our separate ways in life.

Some of us have known each other since we entered grammar school and this is the first time we won’t have our best friends with us. Looming over us all is the  uncertainty of the world and what life is waiting to offer us.

But we are facing life head on and we will be doing this without the friends we had by our sides since we were 5. 

I’ve made so many memories, some good and some bad. Life isn’t perfect and we’ll face bumps in the road and that’s okay. Senior year was not what I expected it to be: if I asked freshman year me what I thought senior year would be like it would not be this. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, learning how to accept changes at the flip of a switch. But I thought senior year would drag on and graduation would be so close, but yet so far.

Now seniors are staring at their calendars with their hearts racing knowing that soon they’ll be adults in the real world. Soon they’ll be high school graduates. The building that they spent four years of their lives in will be memories they cherish. Soon we’ll be alumni of this building and think back to our high school years with a smile. Sure our high school years weren’t perfect, but they were ours and that’s what matters.