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Interview with 2027 Class Advisor: Mr.Cao

Lauren Iannacone
Mr. Cao

We all know we have class advisors assigned to “follow us” through our graduation, but what does that actually mean? To find this out, the Clarion interviewed one of the Class of 2027 advisors. We asked class advisor, Mr. Cao, a few questions about what being a class advisor entails. These responses could be helpful to the class of 2027 on how to make their four years at HHS fun and something to look forward to!

The first question asked was, “What are the daily duties of a class advisor?”

Mr. Cao responded back with: “Me and Mr. Amadeo both have many duties being the class advisors. I am more in charge of the financial duties, which means I keep track of student dues and other financial businesses.”

The Clarion then asked Mr.Cao what Mr. Amadeo’s, the other class advisor, duties were. He said, “Mr. Amadeo is in charge of the fundraising and organizing duties.”

As you can see, being a class advisor comes with a lot of responsibilities.

The next question was, “What is your favorite part of being a class advisor?” Mr. Cao responded back immediately with, “Definitely, getting to know my students better.”

Then he said, “Getting to know my students more is definitely important because I know that students have way more to their personalities than just having them in class doing work.”

Overall, it seems that Mr. Cao is very passionate about getting to know his students better.

Next, the Clarion asked, “What made you want to be a class advisor?” Mr. Cao replied, “Since this was my first year in this district, I didn’t know any of the students or staff. After I got my job and was asked to be the class advisor, I knew this would be a great opportunity to take. Getting to know the students and being able to help the freshman class, which is what I teach.”

As you can see, Mr. Cao is very proud of being a class advisor and was very excited when he was nominated for this.

The last question Mr. Cao was asked was, “What is your main goal for the 2027 class?” He responded back with, “Earning a lot of money for the 2027 class and to spread kindness and happiness to the class.” This is extremely important to Mr. Cao because he hopes that the class feels more involved and will care about activities, spirit week, etc. as a result of this.

Overall, having a class advisor is very important to your graduating class. They are in charge of a lot of things, especially fun events.

About the Contributor
Lauren Iannacone, Staff Writer
Hi! I'm Lauren, a staff writer and freshman here at Hawthorne High School. I hope to contribute many articles to the Clarion, as a first time writer for the school newspaper. I play softball and soccer and enjoy spending time with my friends and listening to music. I hope my articles spark your interest!