Teens For Jeans

Jessica Terrizzi

The Hawthorne High School Spanish Club is once again participating in Teens For Jeans in order to donate gently worn jeans to homeless people in the U.S. under the age of 18.

 One in three homeless people in the United States are teenagers. The most popular item that they ask for are jeans. In order to help make a difference in these teenager’s lives, Teens For Jeans has collected and donated over 2.5 million pairs of jeans. Students at HHS are encouraged to find their gently worn jeans and drop them off in the main office, the cafeteria, the Library Media Center, or Room 215. Jeans can also be brought to any Aeropostale or P.S from Aeropostale store anytime between January 14 and February 10. If students drop off their jeans at an Aeropostale store, they will receive a 25 percent coupon for a new pair of jeans.

This is Hawthorne’s second year being involved in Teens For Jeans. While the Spanish Club was searching the web for charitable activities that they could take part in as a club, they came across the website www.dosomething.org. This website has many activities for teenagers to help other organizations, groups, and their own community.

Karina Rivas, Spanish teacher at HHS and advisor of the Spanish Club said, “Being involved in Teens for Jeans allows teenagers to be charitable to their own peers. It also brings awareness to the number of homeless teens in the USA alone.”

Last year, the Spanish Club was able to collect about 100 pairs of jeans. Hopefully this year they will have the same, if not more, success.