Embarrassing Moments in the Classroom

Kaitlyn Melendez, Staff Writer

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When in the moment, being embarrassed seems like the end of the world. It’s awful. Afterwards, whatever happened makes a good story for telling. Don’t you agree? What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in high school? Some students were asked about their most embarrassing moments and these are their stories.

“I think my most embarrassing moment was when I first got my license and I was driving to school and I popped my tire when I hit the curb. I was so embarrassed I didn’t go to school!” said James Addie, a senior at Hawthorne High School. Don’t feel bad, James. It’s a first-time driver thing.

Jesse Dorfman was asked about his most embarrassing moment in high school and this is his story: “During the performance of Singing in the Rain, somebody was giving their speech and I passed gas so loud. Everyone looked at me and started laughing. It shook everything. I ruined the poor girl’s speech.” That girl probably found it funny, anyway!

The upperclassmen have surely had embarrassing moments in high school. It was more of a challenge in finding an embarrassing story from a freshman because they are new to the school. It wasn’t impossible though.

“One time, I fell up the stairs and a bunch of upperclassmen were behind me. It was so embarrassing,” Katelyn Moro told. Tripping over steps or “falling up the stairs” is probably the most inevitable thing you can encounter. Just laugh it off!

Another freshmen, Nathaniel Hernandez, told us about his most embarrassing moment. This is one to laugh about. “I was in class and this girl told me to eat something and it turned out to be a marble. So I was choking on the marble and then I spit it out and passed gas at the same time. Then I started laughing. It was actually pretty funny.”

This all comes down to one key idea: next time you embarrass yourself or someone else tries to embarrass you, just shake it off and have a laugh. Afterwards, tell the story and just have a good time! As said by actor Matt Damon in the film We Bought a Zoo, “Sometimes, all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery.”  Don’t you agree?


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