Rocco Pecoraro, Staff Writer

Times have sure changed since the 1980s and 1990s. Clothing, music, and technology are just some of the things that have gone through a radical change. But people have changed too. They are much more dramatic now, making a big deal out of so many things, more so than they ever have before. These changes have had a huge impact on high school students especially.

Prom is in the air; mostly every senior, and many lucky underclassmen, are getting ready for this important event. Senior girls are out looking for the perfect dress, while senior boys are thinking of the perfect way to ask the girl of their dreams to the prom.

Teens these days are making something as simple as asking a person to prom an event within itself. Each “promposer” feels a sense of obligation to one-up the previous “promposal.”

It seems as if extravagant “promposals” are recent trends. Until just a few years ago, a guy would just simply go up to a girl and ask,” Hey want to go to prom with me?” No one was stressed out about how to ask someone in the biggest and cutest way. In this day and age, every guy out there puts on a huge musical number to ask a girl such a simple question.

For example, Hawthorne High School’s own Ali Anwari asked underclassmen Mackenzie Conroy in an elaborate way by surprising her by jumping out of a humungous gift box. Brad Griffin also asked Kaitlyn Salisbury to prom by spelling out “PROM” on hurtles in the gymnasium during track practice.

Ammy Pena was asked by Avian Dorta in the most unusual way. Avian surprised Ammy with a pizza. Now, this wasn’t just any old plain pizza. This pizza had “Prom” spelt out on it in pepperoni. Luckily for Avian, Ammy said yes with no hesitation.

What girl would say no to a guy putting so much effort into such a simple question? When a girl gets asked to prom in a special way it makes them feel so special. Prom has become a very important night to most teens, so they want to make every second memorable.