Hawthorne’s Hero


Hawthorne Native, Ginger Pierro at Hackensack Hospital donating to Tomorrows Children’s Fund.

Vanessa Tousignant , Editor

For a Hawthorne native like Ginger Pierro, donating to those who are struggling is the best way to give back. The Hawthorne mother of three and Hawthorne High School graduate started donating children’s toys to the Hackensack Hospital years ago. Three years ago, she came in contact with Sue Garbe, a member of the Staff at Tomorrows Children’s Fund of Hackensack Pediatric Cancer Center in Hackensack, New Jersey, and was convinced that Tomorrows Children’s Fund would be the perfect organization to donate all of the toys to. Tomorrows Children’s Fund is an organization in Hackensack Hospital that helps children with cancer and disease stay strong, positive and happy.

While hosting a holiday children’s event years ago, she figured she should do a toy drive as well. By simply putting a box at the event and spreading the word, her first year of donating, with the help of the community, she donated about one hundred toys to give to kids struggling with cancer. That very first year, she surprised a little girl and her mother awaiting to go into radiation, with toys. Ginger exclaimed, “The little girl was so surprised and her mother broke down, as well as I! She began to describe how grateful she and all of these families are for people like us!”

From that moment on, Ginger Pierro vowed to help Tomorrows Children’s Fund for as long as she could. Now, three years later, she has fulfilled her promise and kept the tradition alive. Because of such a large quantity of toys she collects, she explained,“It takes about two weeks for a collection. I started on November 30 and ended December 12.” She organized and gathered three trucks full of toys to donate to children and their families who needed light in such a dark time in their life.

Not only at Christmastime does Ginger demonstrate her kindness. Throughout the year, she has three to four fundraisers, as well as many tricky trays. Ginger expressed, “We raise money by doing tricky trays. We have a lot of support from the public to help with the basket donations! It is truly a blessing,” with the money benefiting children with medical conditions that need financial support.

Great people like Ginger Pierro radiate generosity and kindness, and exemplify what giving back is truly about. The mother of three remarks, “My kids definitely are learning what’s important in life and to do good for others brings a sense of happiness to your life.” It is evident, through Ginger Pierro’s case, that being a good person truly does pay off.