New Phone Policy


Paul Valentin and Harold Sanchez


Last year we were allowed to take our phones and earbuds out between classes and during lunch. We were allowed to listen to music in some of our classes and even allowed to go on our phone. If they didn’t want us on our phones they would just ask us to put it away (in most cases). There was never a major problem with our phones out between periods until this year with the new phone policy that was added to the student handbook.


This year they have changed the rules drastically. We are no longer given the privilege to use our phones unless we are in lunch. The first offence to having your phone out when you’re not supposed to is an administrative warning, for the second and third offence you will receive a detention and your phone will have to be picked up by a parent.


If you get caught videotaping, recording, or taking a picture without permission the consequences are much greater. The first offence you will have 2 detentions minimum or 10 day out of school suspension, a parent conference and a possible police notification. The second violation is from 5-10 days of out of school suspension and a parent conference and a possible police notification. Also if you want to see the actual policies here is the student handbook.