The Upcoming Winter Olympics

Justin Irvolino

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This year on February 8, the Winter Olympics will be held in Pyongyang, South Korea. The opening ceremony will be on Friday, February 9 and the closing ceremonies will be on February 25 . It was announced 7 years ago in 2011 that South Korea will be hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics. This would be the second time that South Korea will be hosting the Olympics since 1988.

Pyongyang, is 60 miles south of the demilitarized zone of North Korea. But that’s not all, as North Korea will be participating in winter Olympics as well. This started even more tension between the two nations because there has been confrontation on North Korea’s on going missile program.

On Tuesday, North Korea and South Korea negotiated a deal an acceptance for North Korea to participate in the Winter Olympics. North Korea will be sending many athletes and even a cheer squad for a performance to the upcoming winter games.

North Korea has not played in the Winter Olympics in 8 years, making this a historic growth in Korean sports exchange. All the  agreements have been reached between nations so all we have to do now is just wait and see.