The 2019-2020 HHS Panini Review


Sean Gordon, Staff Writer

The paninis at Hawthorne High School have always been a lunch favorite among the student body. Out of the five different kinds, a new one is served everyday. Over the course of one week, I will be rating each panini based on its taste.

The meatball Parmesan panini is a sandwich served at HHS on Mondays. However, it is usually served cold, with little to no flavor. Since the cheese never melts, an odd texture is left behind. In my opinion, the sandwich would taste better if the meatballs and cheese were given more time to cook. Overall, I give this panini a 3.6/10, but there is always room for improvement.

Next is the spicy chicken panini, which is served on Tuesdays. This is a student-favorite since it is the closest thing to perfection in the lunchroom. The chicken is nice and tender and the cheese is fully melted over it. There is also a hint of spice in the sandwich, This panini sells out very fast, making it extremely difficult to get if you have late lunch. The spicy chicken panini will receive a very high score of 8.9/10.

Every Wednesday, the pepperoni panini is available for purchase. This is a pretty slow day for the panini. Most students pass on this panini, making it the least popular option. If you love pepperoni pizza, you should consider giving this panini a try. I do not really enjoy pepperoni, which obviously impacts my opinion of this panini. There is not much to say about this sandwich, other than I give it a 3.3/10.

On Thursday, possibly the most underrated panini is served. The Italian panini is served on this day. This panini is very underrated by the students at Hawthorne High School. This panini could be great some weeks, but other weeks it is decent at best. Sometimes the bread is just too toasted, which makes it very crunchy and almost hard to eat. When the bread is toasted perfectly, this is a very enjoyable option. I give the Italian panini a 5.1/10. This sandwich is too inconsistent to receive a higher score. There is of course, room for improvement.

Once a week on Friday, the chicken Parmesan panini is available for lunch. The chicken Parmesan panini has been a great choice for lunch for a while. However, recently the sandwich has not been the greatest. This panini was close to being just as good as the spicy chicken a year or two ago. Now, it is closer to the Italian. Sometimes the chicken is not served warm, ruining the whole experience. The sauce has not been great either. The ingredients in the panini just do not compliment each other well, which is unfortunate. I score the chicken Parmesan panini a 5.7/10. This particular option has great potential to be a top choice for students but it has not been as good as it used to be.

These are the final scores for all five of the paninis that are served for lunch at Hawthorne High School. This is my honest opinion of these meals. I recommend trying each panini, and see which is your favorite.