Cyclone Fani Strikes India


Lubanah Alayoubi, Editor

Over the past several weeks, countries all around the world have been battling harsh weather conditions.

On Sunday, May 5, a massive cyclone swept through the eastern coast of India and managed to destroy thousands of homes, buildings, and shelters. The cyclone, which is now being referred to as cyclone Fani, has impacted over 100 million civilians and knocked out most sources of power.

With winds traveling at 125 miles per hour, cyclone Fani has already wiped out anything and everything within its path. Moreover, it even caused immense flooding throughout the eastern coast of the country. There are several donations currently being made for the people of the country, along with financial support in aiding for the costs of food and water.

In the meantime, victims of the disaster will reside in community shelters for the sake of their own safety until cyclone Fani is completely out of sight.