Turkey vs. The Kurds: An Opinion


Lubanah Alayoubi, Editor

Over the course of several weeks, the ongoing feud between the Turkish military and the Kurds has reached its most critical point. Although a majority of international nations are shaming Turkey for its mistreatment of the Kurds, there are many serious issues regarding Kurdish dangers that most countries are unaware of. 

To begin, I would like to indicate that a massive group of Kurds immigrated to Syria decades ago. However, as war broke loose, a large portion of Kurds came together and established their own terrorist organization. These rebellious Kurds then made an agreement with the current president of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, to fight off the free Syrian army (a civilian-based army defending the freedom of Syrian people). 

Over time, the Kurds decided that they would create and expand their own territory, claiming regions of Syria and Turkey for themselves. Of course, Turkey was not going to stand by these acts of injustice. Erdogan, the Turkish president, insisted that neighboring nations help him find a solution to his conflict.

However, after giving the Kurds multiple warnings and consistently being ignored by other political leaders, Erdogan decided to take matters into his own hands. He single-handedly dealt with the issue through his perspective of national security. By bombing the Kurdish-occupied border of Turkey, thousands of terrorists have already been eliminated. 

Many people criticize Erdogan because they mistaken the Kurds for Syrian refugees and believe that he is killing innocent people. However, the reason why this belief is so contradictory is because president Erdogan has done his best to take care of hundreds of thousands of Syrians over the past several years. Turkey is practically the most populated country of Syrian refugees. So, why would Erdogan murder the same kinds of people that he welcomed into his country?

President Erdogan has also benefited Turkey in many ways, such as drastically improving the nation’s economy and getting rid of its foreign debts. Moreover, he focuses on enhancing the quality of life in Turkey by setting up his own version of a utopia. Since Kurds are constantly entering and terrorizing Turkey, I do not see anything wrong with president Erdogan’s motives. He is clearly fueled by the Kurds’ continuous attacks and would like to put an end to their violence once and for all.