ISIS Leader Dies in Suicide Bombing

ISIS Leader Dies in Suicide Bombing

Lubanah Alayoubi, Editor

For many years, the United States and other countries have struggled in tracking down and defeating Isis. However, it was not until the U.S. military raided Syria that they finally located the world’s most infamous enemy.

On the night of Saturday, October 26, long-awaited news had surfaced regarding the death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the founder and leader of Isis himself. As U.S. forces conducted a 2-hour nighttime raid in the city of Idlib, Syria, they waited patiently for the proper time to declare their attack.

Apparently, Abu Bakr had been hiding in underground tunnels that connected to his lair. After realizing that he had been located by the U.S. forces, Abu Bakr had nowhere to escape to. Before the military had the chance to murder him, Abu Bakr quickly set off a bomb and killed himself, along with his two wives and three children. 

Although the U.S. military played a major role in defeating the most dangerous terrorist in the world, its troops did not exactly “murder” Baghdadi. In fact, Baghdadi is responsible for taking his own life. President Trump is gloating about this achievement as if he is the reason why Baghdadi is dead.

Moreover, President Trump must be cautious of what he states to the press since he can potentially upset the wrong people and endanger the lives of innocent civilians. At least we can all say that, with one less terrorist, the world is going to be a much safer place!