Coronavirus Cases in the US Continue to Hit New Highs


Nick DeLuca, Staff Writer

With the winter quickly approaching us, coronavirus cases continue to rise at alarming rates. With 217K new cases yesterday, that is the highest one day total for our country since the beginning of the pandemic. Although 217K is a lot, the peak is expected to keep on rising throughout the winter. Besides new cases, deaths are at an all time high as well with 2,857 new deaths yesterday bringing the total to 276K.

Although cases are rising at rapid rates, many things are still open to the public (depending on what area of the country you are in). For example, gyms in Philadelphia are closed, but gyms in Miami remain open.

Talking about Miami, many activities such as nightclubs are still packed with people, and mask wearing isn’t the most common thing either. This behavior hasn’t been uncommon throughout the pandemic, but at this time more than ever, people need to comply with social distancing guidelines and wear their masks.

Times are hard right now, but with the vaccine on its way, our country has to come together and abide by health guidelines out of respect for others. This winter will likely be harsh, but if states impose more restrictions and people social distance, it might not be as bad as people think.