Miami Beach Extends Its Curfew Due To Crowds

Yasmin, Staff Writer

In Miami, Florida as of March 20, the curfew has been extended during Spring Break due to the crowd of party goers. The crowd of mention was trying to gather at Miami Beach without social distancing and masks. The new curfew is from 8pm – 6am with the exception of restaurant delivery. The curfew is currently said to be until April 12. There were clashes with the police, and party goers who were violent and disruptive. Police occasionally fired pepper balls while trying to break the crowd. The crowd gathered again that following Sunday which made the police separate them again. CBS news stated that “Pointing to over 1,000 arrests in one of the nation’s top party spots, Miami Beach officials warned Sunday that the unruly spring break crowd gathering by the thousands, fighting in the streets, destroying restaurant property and refusing to wear masks has become a serious threat to public safety.” There were five police officers injured after the clash that night.