Ukraine V.S Russia


Zak Maali, Editor

Tempers have been flaring in Europe due to the controversy between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia has surrounded Ukraine with troops in order to assert their dominance and show who’s the powerhouse in Eastern Europe. Ukraine has a very depleted army and is in dire need of troops, so they have begun drafting Ukrainian citizens in order to grow their troop count.

Russia has been overseeing Ukrainian operations for the longest time now, and they are finally trying to invade and claim it as their own. Ukraine needs all the help it can get, and since Russia is a powerhouse in Europe, it will most definitely take over Ukraine with ease.

The U.S. is providing Ukraine with food and supplies worth around $200 million dollars. This support is much expected because Ukraine and the U.S. have been allies since 1992. The U.S. has been somewhat of a “big brother” to Ukraine ever since it officially recognized Ukraine’s independence in 1991.  

Russia hasn’t made any advancements since the suspicion began about the start of the war between the two countries. Russia is ready to attack, but they are waiting for some sort of advancement from Ukraine to really put them over the edge. The damage between the two countries would be substantial, many lives would be lost along with severe damage to Ukraine’s society.