Lucky Jones Crosses Ukraine Border During Russian Attack


Desirae Santana, Staff Writer

For some time now, the main topic in the world is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The United States also became involved by supporting Ukraine with military aid. Many people in the world are very concerned about this invasion and are afraid for their lives.

Lucky Jones, who was born in Newark, NJ, is an American professional basketball player for BC Ternopil of the Ukrainian Basketball Superleague, who recently shared his story of escaping the war and violence in Ukraine.

On February 24, 2022, fear was brought to Lucky Jones. At 2am, Eastern time, Jones called his wife, Marissa Jones, to let her know about the dangerous situation he was in. 

He had to make a desperate attempt to flee the country, his wife claims, “He was just really panicky…” and letting her know that he needed to get out of there and that he didn’t know what was going on. All of this was even before he saw Russian President Vladmir Putin on TV announcing his intentions for war.

Marissa Jones then told the NJ Advance Media from Maryland about what was going on, because she was worried sick for her husband. 

Early Thursday afternoon, Lucky Jones was safe although he was still trying to cross the border. As he and thousands of other people were trying to flee for safety, Putin began to launch a series of missile attacks in Ukraine. It spread quickly through eastern and central Ukraine.

It was even claimed that as Jones was trying to get to the airport to go home, that Russia took control of the Antonov International Airport, cutting off the potential route.

There was no guarantee that Lucky Jones was going to be able to make it out alive.

There were many obstacles and problems getting in the way of him returning home to his family. But with a fortunate update on the situation, Lucky Jones was able to successfully cross the border into Romania, and successfully made it to the Netherlands.

Lucky Jones wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was afraid and that he just wanted to make it back home to his family. 

After letting the Advance Media know Lucky Jones’ latest update, Marissa Jones said, “I do want to send out prayers to the people that are still in the Ukraine.”