The Ride Of Terror



Visitors stand next to a memorial while a family member lights candles for Tyre Sampson, 14, who was killed when he fell from the Orlando Free Fall ride at ICON Park in Orlando, Florida, on March 26, 2022. (Willie J. Allen Jr./Orlando Sentinel/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Arelyn Polanco, Staff Writer

Theme park rides are fun and they leave a thrill running through you as you ride them, but they can also be extremely dangerous.

With things like parts falling off the roller coaster, seatbelts not working, people getting injured on the ride due to its extremeness or even sadly, there are also people who fall off due to unsafe reasons. These are some examples of how roller coasters and other rides can be dangerous. 

On March 25, 2022 a tragedy struck in Orlando, Florida. A 14 year old boy went on a roller coaster not knowing that this ride was about to become more than just a fun ride for him and his family.  This boy was visiting from Missouri with his football team for spring break (identified as Tyre Sampson), plunged to his death on a ride from heights of 430 feet high.

The boy had fallen from the Orlando Free Fall Tower, the world’s tallest freestanding drop tower. Witnesses to the incident had shared videos before the kid’s accident and it has been edited due to the graphic scene that occurs in the video. People say what was shown in the video was one of the most tragic and devastating things a person could witness.  The Orange County Sheriff’s says that the boy was brought to the hospital, but later died due to his extreme injuries. 

Monterey Williams, a witness to the incident, states that he witnessed something fall, and when he got closer to get a look at it, it was a body. People began to panic and scream. For the parents of Tyre Sampson their fun night had turned into horror as they watched their son fall to his death.

Until further investigation about the incident the ride will remain closed