A Planned Assassination

A Planned Assassination

Zak Maali, Editor


We live in an “anything can happen next” world and every day, the news seems to get stranger and stranger.

George W. Bush served as President of the U.S. from 2001-2009, and since then he has been a prominent political figure. There has been an alleged recent planned assassination on  George W. Bush by ISIS, with this information being found on the popular platform WhatsApp.

Two confidential informants were monitoring the site and found that members of ISIS were plotting to smuggle an assassin into the U.S. to kill George W. Bush. Bush was being monitored by these assailants, and they even went to his house in Dallas and took videos outside of his property.

Authorities are taking action and making sure that Bush is under heavy surveillance at all times. The ISIS members are stationed in Iraq, and they wanted to smuggle an assassin across the Mexican border in order to keep it on the down low.

The assassination was supposed to take place in Dallas at Bush’s house, but the plan was figured out and now Bush has been moved to an unnamed location. Hopefully the assailants are captured in the coming days, and this scare can be put away without much fuss.