The Fall of Coachella?

The Fall of Coachella?

Sierra Dibra, Staff Writer

As many of us know, the Coachella festival this year has been trending on social media, for all of the wrong reasons. More specifically, it had a lot to do with one musician’s performance.

To start off, the biggest flop of the festival was Frank Ocean’s performance. Many fans had been waiting to see him perform live again after being MIA for 6 years. They were not very happy with what they were given by Ocean. He showed up an hour late, wasn’t on the stage much, and he wasn’t singing; the music was being played and he was lip-synching most of his songs. In response to his performance, most people that were there ended up leaving. 

This event caused a lot of social media buzz because of the different opinions people had regarding Ocean’s performance.

Overall, many people were upset and disappointed, but there is a good sized group of people that understand where Ocean is coming from; his fans. They knew not to have very high expectations because of how long he was away from music and the reason behind his leave.

After his brother passed away, he took a break from creating music and going on stage. His fans were understanding, but the influencers that were there? Not so much. 

Overall, the festival this year was not the most memorable festival that Coachella has hosted. If you were to look back at the line-up and performances from the last 5 years, you can see a big difference in what took place this year.

Many people believe that this could be the start of the fall of Coachella. What do you think?