When the Football Season is Over

When the Football Season is Over

Alli Getchell, Staff Writer

This upcoming Sunday, is the Superbowl. Superbowl Sunday is a day for all sports fans  to gather around with snacks, and drinks, and throw a huge party. Everyone has a great time watching the event, or if they are lucky, even attending. This Sunday is the last part of the season, meaning all NFL football fans are lost for at least a month until baseball season starts.

History teacher, Mr. Matt Corvo says that after football season ends he goes on, “Weeping, crying, staring, wandering, looking for purpose, and waiting for the sun to come out.”

Mr. Gus Schell added,  “I will go through all 500 of my cable channels and I will find nothing that interests me. I will then be forced to do something out of boredom with my daughter and wife. I’d rather play with the dog. Mind you, I love and adore my family, except during football season. The reason for my boredom is due to the corruption of the cable system. I should be able to choose what I want. I can’t wait for streaming to take over.”

“I feel lost,” said another football fan, Mr. Sean Van Winkle, “…I only like football and baseball, so that month in between the sports goes on forever…what do I do? I wander aimlessly around my house…I don’t like hockey or basketball…I mean, what’s on? Figure skating is on…I don’t like watching figure skating…in fact, people who actually figure skate don’t like watching figure skating.”

So if you’re like one of our Hawthorne High School teachers above, here are some tips on what to do in that time between football and baseball season:

  1. Volunteer somewhere : taking the time to help someone is very fullfilling, and is definitely not a waste of your time.
  2. Spend some time with family.
  3. Take a hike; literally. It’s always nice to get some fresh air on a Sunday afternoon.
  4. Catch up with your friends, family, or a significant other.
  5. Gather some people, and actually go outside and play football.