School Store Grand Opening

On Friday, January 20, there was a grand opening for the HHS School Store.

The store will be open every Friday before school, during lunch, and after school. In the store the student council sells candy, beanies, scarves, sweatpants, socks, folders, key-chains, foam fingers, pens/pencils, and shorts. They are looking for feedback on what they should have as far as inventory goes, so please, let them know what you’d like to purchase. There is some history to the store.

According to History teacher Mr. Wallace Masiak, “There was a school store back when I was attending HHS, (66′-69′) and while I was teaching in the 80’s, there was one too.”

According to Miss Russo, “We are playing around with the idea and going to ask students what they want so we can smartly buy inventory instead of wasting money from the student council. This store is just a start to see how it will go.”


The Clarion then interviewed HHS Principal Daniel LaGrone and HHS Student Council President George Nadirashivili to see what they thought of the new store.


Clarion Reporter: How do you feel about the school store coming back?

LaGrone: I’m very excited to open a store that hasn’t been in place for 30 years.

Nadirashivili: I am excited for the store. The student council worked very hard to bring it back.


Clarion Reporter: What made you bring it back?

LaGrone: The ingenuity and creativity of Ms. Russo and our student council.


Clarion Reporter: How do you think the students will feel?

LaGrone: Happy and gravitate towards it. It is a way to make HHS feel like home.

Nadirashivili: The students always wanted a store because they never liked waiting for the fundraisers.



Thank you to Ms. Russo, Mr. LaGrone,  student council president George Nadirashivili, and of course the student council.