Interview with A First Year Drum Major


Kelly Nelson

Gennesy Cintron

Breanna Rooney, Staff Writer

One of Hawthorne High School’s drum majors, Gennesy Cintron, was interviewed recently about her experiences with the marching band. The Clarion was interested to see how a first year drum major’s point of view varied from a second year drum major.


Clarion Reporter: What inspired you to go out for Drum Major?

Gennesy: It was when I auditioned for section leader and didn’t get it. That kind of pushed me to work for a bigger goal. So I thought,“Fall down seven times, stand up eight” type of thing. I really wanted to push myself. Because I knew that I always wanted to be a drum major, that was just one of my goals. So, just achieving that goal was a really big thing for me.


Clarion Reporter: What were some of your goals going into the season?

Gennesy: My goals were to get the band to listen to me. It was really difficult at first, actually. It wasn’t until halfway through the season that I really felt that I met the expectations that were there for me. And I wanted to make a difference in the band, I didn’t want to be just another drum major. I wanted to make the band better, in as many ways as I could.


Clarion Reporter: Do you feel that these goals were accomplished this year?

Gennesy:  I like to think so! I really hope so, because I tried very hard last season being injured, and I’m still trying to do that. So hopefully I’m still doing an okay job of that.


Clarion Reporter: What do you think you will take from your experience as a first year drum major?

Gennesy: I think I’ll take the leadership skills with me, definitely, and just having patience. To go from being the person that looks up to somebody, I am now the role model…I am the somebody that people are looking up to and that’s a big thing. Being a role model for other people so you constantly have to be on, which is a big thing. That and just taking authority, and taking charge and making decisions, it’s a big thing to me.


Clarion Reporter: What is your favorite part of marching band?

Gennesy:  My favorite part of marching band? It has to be my uniform and I love the boots. I love the boots! And I love the dress and the cape and the white shako and the blue plume. I just love my uniform. And what comes close to that is conducting. I love conducting, it’s exciting. When I get on the podium and I salute and people are cheering for me, it’s such a rush of adrenaline, there’s no words to explain it. It’s one of the best feelings.