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Welcome Keith Williams: HHS Band Director


Nikki Schuldt, Contibutor
October 13, 2014

  Keith Williams is one of several new faculty members at Hawthorne High School this year. An alum of the Hartt School (a comprehensive performing arts conservatory of the University of Hartford), Williams brings a younger perspective to his new position as band director. “My goal for the marching... Read more »

HHS Welcomes Back an Old Friend and New Principal


Cielle Tousignant, Staff Writer
October 6, 2014

The new Hawthorne High School principal, Daniel LaGrone,  is a Hawthorne Bear to the core. A 1992 alum of this high school, La Grone was a Lincoln Middle School history teacher from September 2001 to December 2009, and then again from September 2010 to August 2012.  He also served as interim vice... Read more »

Welcome, Mr. D’Anna!


Ricky Dockray, Staff Writer
May 9, 2014

Hawthorne High School welcomed interim principal Michael D’Anna on May 1, 2014, after Barry Cohen’s retirement.  So far, D’Anna has been “very impressed” by Hawthorne High and its “college campus feel.” He is also extremely pleased that everyone has been so “welcoming.” D’Anna comes... Read more »

Mr. Barry Cohen’s Reflections on HHS


Natalie Tousignant and Leah Matari
April 30, 2014

Hawthorne High School principal and former athletic director, Barry Cohen, will retire on May 1, 2014. After 15 years here, Cohen recalls, “Hawthorne really accepted me early on.” This is due in no small part to a leadership style that is full of compassion, understanding, and integrity. Recently,... Read more »

Diana Davis: New Head of Special Programs


Luis Mendoza, Staff Writer
April 22, 2014

Shortly after the new year began, the Hawthorne school district welcomed a new Head of Special Programs, Diana Davis, on January 2, 2014. Although Davis did not start her teaching career in special education, she discovered a personal passion for and connection to it when her son was born with special... Read more »

Carolyn Bryan’s Coaching Debut

Natalie Tousignant, Staff Writer
April 15, 2014

New junior varsity softball coach, Carolyn Bryan, is bringing a new energy to the softball program at Hawthorne High School. Alongside veteran varsity coach, Jackie Turco, and freshmen coach, Jackie Peene, Bryan is prepared for a season of improvement and learning, both on her part as a new coach and... Read more »

Kelly Hawruk: Lawyer to Teacher

Ms. H.

Sarah Kearsley, Staff Writer
October 29, 2013

During the new 2013-2014 school year, Kelly Hawruk has become a welcomed addition to the HHS staff. Hawruk is now teaching two of the new electives brought to HHS this year, History of Human Behavior and Law: Rights and Responsibilities. Hawruk received her education at Western New England University... Read more »

Adina Corasaniti: HHS Alum to HHS Teacher

Ms C

Sarah Kearsley , Staff Writer
October 29, 2013

Hawthorne High School Alum, Adina Corasaniti, has returned to HHS, but this time she is on the other side of the desk as one of the new teachers hired in the 2013-2014 school year. Corasaniti, who is currently teaching Algebra I, noted that she is still getting used to being a teacher here, instead of... Read more »

Joshua Kabrel: Giving Back to HHS


Olivia Meier, Staff Writer
October 3, 2013

Hawthorne High School alum, Joshua Kabrel,  joined the HHS staff in 2009, found a passion for teaching, and is now a full-time teacher of history and criminal justice. As for his first year teaching, Kabrel explains that adjusting from being a substitute and paraprofessional to a teacher is a little... Read more »

Alex Pedicone: A Pillar of Support

A Pedicone

June 20, 2013

When district schools open in September, a pillar of support will be missing: Director of Special Programs, Alexander Pedicone, has retired after a distinguished and successful career. Pedicone has walked the halls of Hawthorne schools since 1981 when he was hired as a school social worker, working... Read more »