The Olympic Games


Yasmin, Staff Writer

The Olympic Games are held every four years by different countries and the year of 2020 is no different, being hosted by Tokyo, Japan. Japan has been dubbed as an “Olympic Land” since the 1964 Olympic Games. The 2020 Games that were scheduled however are getting postponed until the 23rd of July 2021, where there will be precautions taken against the Coronavirus. The event will not be postponed any longer as it was decided by the The Tokyo Olympics Committee. The opening and closing of the Olympic ceremonies and competitions will be held at the Tokyo National Stadium. The Coronavirus is a pandemic that has spread too much so the committee chose to separate the Olympics into different stadiums in order to accommodate for the number of athletes and spectators present. The athletes would be tested once they reach Tokyo and therefore will be permitted to begin the games without the fourteen day guaranteed period. Then they will be tested after the games for any of the symptoms of the virus. The spectators will also be tested in the same way before and after the games as well as keeping a safe distance from the other spectators. They are to be quarantined for the fourteen day period as well in contrast to the athletes.