Will the Kansas City Chiefs change their name?


Kellie Owens, Staff Writer

This season, the Washington Football Team changed their name, and were formally known as the Washington Redskins. A Native American rights group planned on protesting to get Kansas City to retire their name.

Backstory of the name: In the 1960’s, the team picked the name to honor the former mayor, Harold Bartle, whose nickname was “The Chief” and wanted to bring the team from Dallas to Kansas City. The Chiefs adopted arrowheads in their logo and named their stadium Arrowhead Stadium.

Everyone is going to have their opinions on what they should and shouldn’t do. The Chiefs president Mark Donovan said, “We’re going to continue to have those discussion. We’re going to continue to make changes going forward…”

It is still unclear if Kansas City will be changing their name, but there should be more updates before the 2021-2022 season.