Reducing Waste in the Kitchen


Samira Cortes, Staff Writer

The Earth isn’t heading in a good direction.

The amount of waste we create is insane. We can recycle plastic, cardboard, and paper, yet most choose not to because it costs money and energy. There are many ways in which landfills contribute to pollution. We are not only harming our environment and the animals, but also ourselves. We need to change our habits. It isn’t easy, but the least we can do is try.

Take it one step at a time in order to build new and more sustainable habits. Let’s talk about reducing waste in our kitchens. Instead of using plastic bags offered in grocery stores, buy reusable produce bags. There are many different websites you can buy them from, but often grocery stores sell them as well.

Try not to buy packed food. I know it sounds daunting since everything is pretty much always packaged, but try. Do you really need to buy potato chips? If you do, try to not buy them as often. Reduce what you buy that is packaged. Buy items in bulk, bring your own jars and fill them with pasta, rice, oats etc. Bulk stores are hard to find, but if you do have a local one, give it a try.

You can also switch from using paper rolls to cloth. Instead of drying dishes or your hands with paper towels, use reusable towels. It will also save you money to use this option. You can also avoid plastic utensils and purchase wooden or metal ones instead.

Finally, you can give composting a chance. There are many different ways to do it. If you don’t have the time, there are drop off stations or people who offer to take your food waste and compost it.

It’s all about trying.There are many websites that offer people all over the world the option to become more sustainable and provide more waste reducing habits.